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Owner/Operator DJ Baum -- 4 years and 40 pounds apart.

DJ in his own words:

"After breaking up a fight outside my bar, The Backdraught Pub, resulted in a severe shoulder injury, I was looking at surgery and a 9 month recovery. I elected to rehab the injury (which included torn ligaments, a dislocated shoulder and a hole in the humerus bone) on my own and avoid surgery. To the surgeon's surprise I was able to accomplish this feat through weight training and proper supplementation. No surgery was required and I haven't looked back since. That was in March of 2006."


Along with the amazing bodybuilders that adorn the walls of Xtremeline Supplements, I have also had the pleasure of meeting many others, including some UFC notables:

Forrest Griffin - Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Bruce Buffer - UFC Announcer "The Veteran Voice of the Octagon"
cousin Dan Johns & UFC President Dana White Rich Franklin - Former UFC Middleweight Champion
Matt Hughes - 9-time UFC Welterweight Champion Frank Mir - Former UFC Heavyweight Champion
Anthony "Rumble" Johnson  
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