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Dieting Tips & Advice

Not everyone visiting this site competes, but I'm sure everyone is wanting to learn how to eat better and more consistently. Competing has taught me to be creative in preparing my meals as well as learn how to be more organized so I never 'slip' on my diet. You need to enjoy your food. You'll find it very tough to stick to your meal plan if you dread each meal. Here are some of my tricks of the trade:
1) Always prepare ahead. Everyone says this, but it's true. I cook all my
protein sources (chicken, fish, beef) to last me for at least 4 if not 5
days in advance. You can either portion each serving and keep in the fridge
or just have them on hand. I also like to cook extra and freeze until I
need more in a pinch.

2) Spices are your friend! But make sure to read labels: NO SODIUM people!
Mrs. Dash makes a variety of flavours and all are SALT FREE. I like to use
lemon pepper on my tilapia/cod, southwest chipotle on my ground beef. I
douse cinnamon on my oats everyday along with Splenda. I like to mix it up
and use either cayenne pepper or paprika on my sweet potatoes: yum! Be
creative. Experiment :)

3) Invest in a barbecue meat smoker for grilling chicken: you will not need
ANY seasoning! My Dad bought this for me 2 years ago and it is a life
saver! You can find them at Barbecue Country (5682-75 street) and they're a
2"x8" or so metal box that you put flavoured smoke pellets in, and just
place it in your bbq while your chicken grills. My fave pellet flavours are
Hickory and Mesquite. Makes a delicious 'plain' chicken breast, hot or cold.

4) Get an easy to use food scale. You can eat as clean as possible, but if
your serving portions are out of whack then you may be getting in a bunch
of excess calories and seeing zero progress in your physique. Learn
appropriate food portions for what your body needs. An active woman usually
needs about 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight; active men
it's usually 1.5-2 grams.

5) Snack smart. If you get hungry between meals (you should be taking in
around 5-6 depending on your day) snack on raw veggies. My faves are green
beans and bell peppers. Make sure you have a fibrous vegetable with every
meal. These include: green beans, peppers, spinach, broccoli, asparagus,
and cauliflower. These are all low-calorie and will keep you feeling full.

Hope that helps!!! Remember to experiment in your meal prep, discover what
you like! Enjoy the process :)


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